Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl Preview and Predictions

This is it, this is the climax to the 2011-2012 football season, the super bowl. This year is a rematch of the 2008 super bowl where the Giants came away the victors with a score of 17-14 over the Patriots. There will definitely be some bad blood this year between these teams as the Patriots are looking for vengeance... You can expect some extremely heated play between these two teams. This game will be held Sunday, February 5th with the kickoff at 5:30 PM CST. Another thing that's drawn a lot of controversy is Madonna, you heard me right, Madonna will be the halftime performer... All I have to say is, this is one of the, if not the biggest event of the year... would it really hurt to get someone from well, I don't know, this decade??? Really???

Now for the game preview:

Can Tom Brady take over this year? I guess we'll have to find out.

The Giants are coming in really hot after utter dominance throughout the playoffs... They've been led by Eli Manning and his all-pro receiving core, led  by Hakeem Nicks. Their defense, however, has also been a big factor this year, led by the defensive line duo of Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck. However, the Patriots aren't gonna make this a walk in the park for the New York Giants... After losing in 2008, the Patriots are out for vengeance. Tom Brady will definitely have plenty of say in this game... Brady has been dominant alongside all-stars Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, and Aaron Hernandez. Both teams are on a high after making a run through playoffs.

This will be a hotly contested game, but I think it's gonna be the Patriots night.

Final score: Patriots 35 - Giants 31
MVP: Tom Brady
Leading Rusher: Ahmad Bradshaw
Leading Receiver: Victor Cruz

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NFL Conference Championships Previews

This is the week, the last games before the always exciting superbowl! I'm gonna be doing previews and predictions this week for the two Conference Championship games. The two matchups are Patriots vs. Ravens and Giants vs. 49ers.

We'll start with the NFC, where the Giants and 49ers square off:

In a game of extreme importance the high-powered Giants offense led by Hakeem Nicks faces one of the best defenses in the league led by Aldon Smith and Patrick Willis. Last week the Giants in a shocking win over the Packers was obviously led by their passing game, specifically Hakeem Nicks. Nicks had 165 yards on 7 catches in the previous game, and I'd expect nothing less this game. Where as the 49ers barely snuck by the Saints with late-game magic. Alex Smith and Frank Gore both had very good games in the Divisional Championships. This game will most likely be high-scoring like most Conference Championships, and I believe Alex Smith will score his fair share of points along side Frank Gore. The question is if their offense can keep up with the all-star passing attack of the New York Giants.

Prediction: Giants 34 49ers 31

Now for the Patriots vs. Ravens squaring off on the AFC side:

Coming into the game the Patriots are led by their electric offense led by MVP candidate Tom Brady, with the help of all-pro tight end duo of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. On the other side, the Ravens are led by bruiser Ray Rice and the other Ray, MLB Ray Lewis. Both players have had a tremendous impact on their team's playoff run. After the Patriots massacre of Tim Tebow and the Broncos they're looking for the same result here. However, the Ravens aren't gonna let that happen too easily... After the Ravens' domination of the Houston Texans, they have just as much momentum going in to this game. This game will most likely come down to who has the ball last, and I think that's the Patriots.

Prediction: Patriots 31 Ravens 24.

Superbowl: The Rematch! It's gonna be ugly! Patriots vs. Giants!!! Will the Patriots come through or will the Giants stand tall?! ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NFL Divisional Playoff Previews

After the wildcard playoffs, the divisional matchups are: Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots, New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans vs. Baltimore Ravens, and New Orleans Saints vs. San Francisco 49ers

We'll start with Denver, New England:

After an impressive wild card win and a 250k cash bonus, Tim Tebow and the Broncos are heading to Foxborough to take on the red hot Patriots and MVP candidate Tom Brady. Going into the game, I really don't think we can call the Broncos "underdogs"... The Broncos have come this far behind great defense, a solid running game, and all-star leader Tim Tebow. On the other hand, the Patriots - finishing 1st in the AFC - come off a 1st round bye AND home-field advantage. The Patriots have been led by their stellar offense all season behind Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and all-pro TE Rob Gronkowski. I think this is gonna be a close game all the way to the wire.

Prediction: Broncos 31 - Patriots 28, OT.

Now for game two - Giants and the Pack:

After winning the NFC East, the Giants come into this game led by quarterback Eli Manning. Manning put together another impressive season, capped off with a division win. If the Giants are going to win this game, they're going to have to get their last-ranked running game going. Obviously, they haven't been able to do it yet this season. The Packers are coming off an impressive 15-1 season where they were led by MVP favorite Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers played the best season of his starting quarterback career. He had plenty of help from the likes of Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson as well as a great D. I think this game will be a blowout...

Prediction: Packers 45 - Giants 17.

Now the AFC underdogs the Houston Texans vs. the Baltimore Ravens:

Houston goes into this game after utterly crushing the Cincinnati Bengals, or should I say the Bungles... Arian Foster has been their bread-and-butter all season long, and I expect that to continue. Without much QB depth with Matt Schaub, and Matt Leinert going on the IR, T.J. Yates has stepped in and really done quite well... But if the Texans plan on winning, Arian Foster is going to have to have another huge game. On the Ravens side, they've sorta been flying under the radar, but if that gets you to a 13-3 season, I think they'll take that. Led by a stellar running game with Ray Rice, the Ravens couldn't be stopped all season. It's gonna be a close one.

Prediction: Texans 24 - Ravens 21.

Now, the headliner, Saints vs. 49ers:

Drew Brees, 'Nuff said. Drew Brees has, once again, done the unthinkable. Brees just dominated all season with the help of Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston. On the other side, the 49ers come into this game with the best defense in the country. Words truly can't describe how dominant this D was.... Also, with a breakout year, Alex Smith was quite impressive. It's gonna be great!

Prediction: Saints 34 - 49ers 24

Well, that's all folks, see ya next week!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from NFL Week 14

The Good:

• Rob Gronkowski, NE TE: Gronkowski raised his TD total for the season to 15 Sunday and continues to impress.

• Matt Ryan, Atl QB: Matty Ice threw 4 fourth quarter TD's Sunday to bring his team back and win. Two of those touchdowns went to impressive rookie Julio Jones.

• Eli Manning, NYG QB: Eli once again proved he's a master of fourth quarter comebacks Sunday, he also had 400 yards and 2 touchdowns.

• Maurice Jones-Drew, Jax RB: Mojo killed it on Sunday and the final score was the result, the Jags ended up beating Tampa Bay 41-14, and Jones-Drew had 136 total yards and 4 touchdowns.

• Matt Prater, Den K: Mark this date down in history, a kicker made my good list! Prater much deserves it though, Prater made a 59 yard FG with 2 seconds left to send it to OT, then made a 51 yarder in OT to win the game.

The Bad:

• Christian Ponder, Min QB: This was just embarrassing to football, Ponder had 4, yes, 4 turnovers....... In the first 2 and a half quarters!

• Carson Palmer, Oak QB: Two words, 4 int's.

• Chris Johnson, Ten RB: Chris, welcome to Earth, population you. After two straight 150+ games Johnson managed 23 yards on 11 carries.

The Ugly:

• The Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs had an awe-inspiring 7 turnovers!!! Yes, 7. Josh Freeman returning from injury had 2 interceptions and a fumble lost at the goal-line. Preston Parker also had a rough day fumbling 2 punts and a costly penalty.

• The Colts Offense: The Colts had a rough week led by mr. Losing - Dan Orlovsky. Orlovsky had a sub 150 yard day, with 1 pick and 4 sacks. The Colts didn't score until the final play of the game.

DeMarco Murray, Dal RB: and he was doing so well... Until his season came to an end Sunday with an ugly ankle injury.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly For NFL Week 13

The Good:

• Chris Johnson, Ten RB: CJ2K had his second great week in a row posting 153 on 23 carries along with a pair of touchdowns.

• Marshawn Lynch, Sea RB: Lynch is an absolute beast! I would vote for him as breakout player of the year... Plus, did you see that run where he was in the middle of a pile of about 23 guys (hahaha only 22 on field ;), but then he broke loose for a TD???

• Ray Rice, Bal RB: Ehhh, it was nothing, just a career-high 204 yards... Plus a touchdown. Typical day at the office.

• Cam Newton, Car QB: 4 words, Rookie. Of. The. Year. He almost scored as many rushing touchdowns as words I just used, with 3, 1-yard TD scrambles. Not to mention a passing TD to Legedu - my Eggedu - Naanae AND a 23 yard reception that got down to the one!

• Aaron Rodgers, GB QB: *insert Rodgers is beast-mode paragraph here*

• Rob Gronkowski, NE TE: Just his 12th and 13th receiving touchdowns of the season this past week, plus chalk down a rushing TD as well.

• Drew Brees, NO QB: Brees made himself THE FIRST QB in NFL history to pass for 4,000 yards in 12 games, I think we can truly say, Breesus saves ;-)

• Tim Tebow, Den QB: I'm Tebowing right now, I'm a believer!!!

• The Comeback Kids (Caleb Thomasson): Well, this is the 3rd week in a row that Caleb's been the top scorer, it's pretty scary...

The Bad:

• Caleb Hanie, Chi QB: I (honestly, and this is saying something) think Brett Favre could do better! BRETT FAVRE!!! It's just sad...

• Michael Bush, Oak RB: Bush averaged 1.8 yards a carry, did you hear that? 1.8!

• Matt Forte, Chi RB: It's very possible Forte is out for the season with a knee sprain, which will just put the nail in the coffin for the bears.

• The Green Bay Packers: Y'all weren't really bad, just "this close" to losing your first game of the season.

The Ugly:

• Richard Seymour, Oak DT: Seymour threw a punch at a Miami offensive lineman Sunday and got ejected, that's the 3rd time in 3 years that he's been ejected.

• The Rams Offense: It's okay, 156 yards is better than 155! Getting shutout isn't THAT embarrassing, oh wait, yes it is! This is the NFL people!

• Falcons Offense: Yuck! Matt Ryan completed passes....... (dramatic paaaaauuuuuuuuussssssssseeeeeeeeee) alright, we're good. To the other team!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from NFL week 10

The Good:

• Tony Romo: He really beasted it up Sunday, completing 23 of 26 for 270 yards with three touchdowns in the first half.

• Tim Tebow: Tobow is making both lists cause he's just a winner.

• Arian Foster: Foster continued to impress last week, he's been proving he was worth his high draft pick.

• Rob Gronkowski: As Caleb Thomasson would word it: "He's a man-bear-pig!"

• Tom Brady: Brady broke records this past week set by Joe Montana for 300 yard passing games. Brady really came through Sunday night.

• Chris Johnson: That's a first.

• The Dallas Cowboys: Yes!!! I knew this day would come!

• Larry Fitzgerald: To all of you who benched this man-bear-pig, shame on you!

• Aaron Rodgers: ... (need I say more?)

• The Green Bay Packers: See Rodgers, Aaron.

• Still Andy Dalton: yeah...

The Bad:

• Tim Tebow: He literally had 2 more completions than Chris Berman... Sad.

• Michael Vick: Averaging 3.8 yards a pass = Fail!

• Matthew Stafford: Four picks, two for touchdowns... 'nuff said.

• The Falcons Play Calling: I just don't get the call in OT.

• ESPN First Take: Here's their debate schedule:
Rest of NFL.

The Ugly:

• Josh Freeman... I just don't know dude... You just made the Texans D look all-pro.

• The Broncos play calling: Really? 55 carries? Really?!?! (they must really hate Tebow)

• Tampa Bay: This is just sad... I don't know what to say.

• Philadelphia Eagles: This whole team is just in shambles.... How are you liking those contracts now???

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from NFL Week 7

The Good: Tim Tebow’s five minutes that he actually played. Ben Roethlisberger; he’s quietly played very well this season. The usual, yeah, I’m talking about you Aaron Rodgers. All of the Saints; Breesus truly does save! Matt Schaub, is it possible? Could he have actually played good?! Demarco Murray’s 253 yard, record setting performance. All-Day Peterson went off again, once again looking like himself. Arian Foster, he absolutely cannot be human! The combination of Cam Newton and Steve Smith struck again on Sunday.  The receiver, Arian Foster, having 119 yards catching; he had more yards receiving than he did rushing! Last and probably still least, Plaxico Burress finally did something with that 3 TD game.    

The Bad: Tim Tebow’s fifty-five minutes that he didn’t play. CJ1/4K continued to stink it up on Sunday, I think I could’ve done better than his 10 rushes for 18 yards. The Raaaiiiidddeerrrrssss quarterbacks threw a combined 6 interceptions, it’s just not pretty in Oakland. All the steroid users seem to have torn their Achilles tendon on Sunday; its okay Merriman, we all knew you were using them already. Jeer of the week, the Seahawks offense generated ummmm 137 yards on Sunday, blech!  

The Ugly: All the players that were injured, in fact I actually used the word ugly to describe this week. The Seahawks vs. Browns game; that had to be one of the poorest performances by two teams I’ve ever seen (props to my Browns D though). This one sort of tags on to the last one; the Indianapolis Colts put up the ugliest effort I’ve ever seen in my 3+ years of watching football.   

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantasy Football Love/Hate for NFL Week 7

I think Bradford finally ends his
slump this week.

Week 7 Players I Love

Sam Bradford, StL QB: He just got Brandon Llyod which, I think, will make a big difference. We saw Brandon Lloyd's talent in Denver playing for Kyle Orton. Now he has Sam Bradford who, I believe, has a little more talent. Also, the Cowboys have allowed 14.6 points to opposing quarterbacks in fantasy. May I mention, the quarterbacks the Cowboys have played are the likes of Mark Sanchez, Alex Smith, and Rex Grossman; those quarterbacks don't really scream amazing to me. I could see about 275 yards, 2 touchdowns and a pick.

Matt Hasselbeck, Ten QB: Personally, I think Hasselbeck has been tons better than his ranking shows. This week Matt is playing a Houston D that is without Mario Williams, and I think Houston had one of the worst secondaries in the league before they lost him! I could see Hasselbeck going for 300 yards, and 2 touchdowns this week.

Carson Palmer, Oak QB: Carson just got traded to the Raiders earlier this week and I don't think the Raiders would've traded for him if he wasn't ready. He has emerging, underrated receivers in Darrius Heyward-Bey, Denarius Moore, and Jacoby Ford. Not to mention he's playing Kansas City; that says enough all by itself. I don't see monster numbers for Palmer, but he'll put up good numbers.

Jay Cutler, Chi QB: I never thought I would say this, but when cutler actually got protection, he looked really good! The O-line changes made by the Bears have really paid off, and now he's facing a Bucs D that has the 9th fewest sacks of any team in the NFL. I can see Cutler going for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Bucs this week.

Darren Sproles and Mark Ingram, NO RB: Two words describe this, the Colts. Something tells me that New Orleans is just going to rip up the Colts with the passing game; in the first half. In the second half they're gonna run all over them, that's why I love Saints running backs. I could see Sproles going for 100 total yards and a TD, and I could see Ingram going for 75 with a couple of TDs.

Daniel Thomas, Mia RB: I love Thomas' matchup this week against a struggling Denver defense who allowed 196 yards against San Diego's running backs last week. Also, lets not forget week 1 when they allowed 27 fantasy points to Darren McFadden. I can see 80 yards and a couple of TDs for Thomas.

Montario Hardesty, Cle RB: I have no proof as to why a fill-in RB will have a great week, I just have a feeling that this dude goes off. This totally relies on if Peyton Hillis plays or not. If Hillis plays he's not gonna do squat, but if Hillis doesn't play, I can see 125 yards for Hardesty against a struggling Seahawks run D.

Earnest Graham, TB RB: Assuming LGB doesn't play again, Graham could be in line for another big performance. Last week he had a great game with 100 yards rushing, and I could see him doing it again.

Marques Colston, NO WR: Here's a few numbers: 26, 11, 30, 23, 44, 24. Those are the fantasy points the Colts have allowed to opposing receivers! The Colts are 4th worst against opposing receivers thus far this season. Here's another number: 89.3333333, that's his average yardage in games he's played in. I can see 100 yards and a TD for Colston this week.

Decker is scary! He's ripped up defenses
all season!

Eric Decker, Den WR: This guy is just a flat-out beast! Now that Brandon Lloyd is gone, he'll have even more chances! Also, may I say he's playing the Dolphins, yes, these are the same Dolphins that allow an average of 22.3 points to opposing receivers, and not to mention 46 to Patriots receivers in wk. 1! Huge day for Decker in store.

Greg Little, Cle WR: First of all to quote the Monkeys, "I'm a believer" in Colt McCoy, secondly he's playing the Seahawks, the Seahawks! 'Nuff said.

Steve Breaston, KC WR: The Chiefs are playing the Raiders this week, so I think there will be plenty of passing to go around which bodes well for Breaston who -- against poor pass defenses -- the past two weeks has combined for 141 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Brandon Pettigrew, Det TE: I like Pettigrew alot. He's Matthew Stafford's 2nd favorite option, He has a touchdown in two straight weeks, and I think he'll continue that streak.

New Orleans Saints, D/ST NO: See the Colts.

I love Tebow as a person;
just not sold on him as a player.

Week 7 Players I Hate:

Tim Tebow, Den QB: Come on! Just come on! This dude has only played 4 games at QB in the NFL, and yet everyone is ranking him in the top 10? It just doesn't seem right to put an unproven player that high. I don't see Tebow having more than 200 yards.

Matt Ryan, Atl QB: Most people don't realize it, but the Detroit Lions allow the 4th fewest points to opposing quarterbacks in the NFL. Not to mention, Matt Ryan was already struggling this season.

Chris Johnson, Ten RB: I'm still not sold on Chris Johnson because he hasn't proved anything! Whether he's playing Houston or not, if you can't run, you just can't run!

Steven Jackson, StL RB: The Cowboys have the number 1 run defense in the NFL; allowing the second fewest points to opposing running backs; and Jackson hasn't scored more than 11 fantasy points all season! Not a believer in S-Jax.

James Starks, GB RB: Starks hasn't scored double-digit fantasy points in 4 weeks; that's including a negative point performance. The Vikes have a horrible D, but a great run defense. Plus, just because the Packers are up doesn't mean they're gonna stop passing.

DeMarco Murray, Dal RB: Dallas' running game has not all been on their RBs, they can't run-block hardly at all. Plus, I'm not sure the Cowboys are completely sold on Murray yet, they still have Tashard Choice after all.

Plaxico Burress, NYJ WR: Let's face it, drop him!

Percy Harvin, Min WR: Two words, Charles Woodson.

Mike Williams, TB WR: See Johnson, Chris. I need to be shown something before I believe in him.

Anyone on the Broncos Offense Except Eric Decker: See Tebow, Tim

Any Saints Receiver except Marques Colston, Jimmy Graham, and Darren Sproles: Let's face it, Drew Brees just doesn't use his 2-4 WRs all that often. I don't think Lance Moore, Robert Meachem, or Devery Henderson are gonna do anything this week.

Jared Cook, TE, Titans: Texans (third fewest points to tight ends) are a bad matchup for Cook, who has yet to become fully integrated into the Titans' offense.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MLB World Series Preview and Breakdown

Well, it's that time of year again, I'm talking about the world series! I'm a Texas boy, so, of course, I love the Rangers! My boys have now been in it two years in a row, and I'm hoping this year's result is better than last. The Rangers are facing the red-hot Cardinals.

The Cardinals have been led by their slugging first baseman, Albert Pujols, and their all-star outfielder combo of Matt Holiday and Lance Berkman. The Cardinals are actually a crazy story, they made it in as a wildcard and have gone all the way. The Cards started off the playoffs by beating the Philadelphia Phillies in 5 games, then they faced Milwaukee in the NLCS and won in 6, and that's how they got here.

Nelson Cruz has been scary good thus far.

The Rangers have been riding the horse, that is, Nelson Cruz all the way... Cruz set records for the most home-runs in a postseason series (6) and most RBIs in a postseason series (13). It really has been an impressive postseason for Cruz. The Rangers got here by winning in 4 against the Rays, and 6 against the Tigers.

Both teams are known for their hitting more so than their pitching. The Rangers ranked 3rd in runs (855), 1st in batting average (.283), 5th in OBP (.340), and 2nd in slugging (.460) this year. The Cardinals haven't been much different, ranking 5th in runs, 5th in batting average, 3rd in OBP, and 6th in slugging this year.

Both aces -- C.J. Wilson and Chris Carpenter -- will face off tonight in what is expected to be another high-scoring affair. Wilson has been pretty poor so far this postseason, in 15 innings he has a 8.04 ERA, 21 hits allowed, and a 17-8 K/BB ratio. On the other hand Chris Carpenter has been quite a bit better, through three games he's pithed 17 innings, has a 3.71 ERA, 14 hits allowed, and a 8-6 K/BB ratio.

Nelson Cruz has been scary, but when batters face Jason Motte,
they wan't to run off the field!

Closers -- Neftali Feliz and Jason Motte -- have both been extremely solid this postseason. Neftali Feliz through 7 games has 4 saves, a 1.17 ERA, allowed 3 hits, and has a 5-4 K/BB ratio. On the other hand, Jason Motte has had one of the most impressive postseasons ever by a closer, through 7 games Jason Motte has 4 saves, a 0.00 ERA, 1 hit allowed and a 7-0 K/BB ratio.

My prediction for tonights game is 6-4 Cardinals, and my prediction for the series is Rangers in six.

Now here's my position-by-position breakdown:

Position      Rangers      Cardinals      Advantage
    C         M. Napoli    Y. Molina         Cards
   1B        M. Young     A. Pujols          Cards
   2B         I. Kinsler     N. Punto          Rangers
   3B         A. Beltre     D. Freese         Rangers
   SS         E. Andrus    R. Furcal           Draw
   LF        D. Murphy  M. Holliday        Cards
   RF          N. Cruz    L. Berkman       Rangers
   CF      J. Hamilton        J. Jay           Rangers
  Aces      C.J. Wilson C. Carpenter      Cards
Closers     N. Feliz         J. Motte          Cards

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from NFL Week 6

The Good: All the crazy circus catches made by receivers. Michael Turner performed very well running the ball. It seems like ever since Marques Colston came back he's been a beast. Sam Bradford, this has nothing to do with his injury or stats, it's because he finally has a receiving option in Brandon Lloyd! Frank Gore put up another big game. The battle of the beasts, Lions vs. 49ers, that was an awesome game... Rashard Mendenhall, yeah Aaron, he was awful! Kurt Coleman! He picked off not one, not two, but three, three of Rex Grossman's passes!

The Bad: The always winless Rams, Colts and Dolphins. It was a bad week for quarterbacks, it seemed like there were way more int's and less yardage. Roddy White, I mean come on man, to think I drafted you in the second round! Blaine Gabbert continued his horrible streak yesterday, it's just getting sad. Washington running backs, their best rusher had: 10 rushes, 22 yards (come on man!), and imagine this, 0 touchdowns!

The Ugly: Handshakegate, otherwise known as the mess that was Harbaugh's and Schwartz’s handshake. Jason Campbell's broken collarbone on his throwing arm, owwww... Even watching highlights (or lowlights) of the Rams, Packers game was horrifying! Donovan McCrap losing the starting job to Ponder, it was inevitable... Peyton Hillis and Felix Jones' injuries, it was a bad week for injuries.

Superbowl: Packers vs. Ravens

Toilet Bowl: Colts vs. Dolphins

MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Defensive MVP: Ndamukong Suh